Wednesday, 12 December 2007

So why start a blog?

The Pope made me do it!

Now their are a lot of problems in our world created by religion and I have done my bit to challenge it. I'm an active member of the Liverpool Humanists Group, I'm a celebrant for non-religious ceremonies, I have made my views known in the media and now I blog!

I intend to use this blog to highlight what I see as the dangers and idiocies of religion. Just to get it straight from the start, I have no problem people having their own belief system that they practise behind their own locked doors (as long as it doesn't harm anyone!). Their delusional fetishism may give them some form of comfort. I am not averse to delusional behaviour myself, I still hope that one day I will be picked to play for England and score the winner in a World Cup Final! I do! I really do! However that's my fantasy, or at least one of them (look under my other blog Bill de Jour for others), and I do not expect you to respect my belief that this will one day happen. I do not expect you to give me special privileges because I believe this. I do not expect tax relief for it or be called out by the media to comment on any tragedy in my local community.

"We now go over to Liverpool where the tragic sinking of the ferry has cost three lives to interview Bill Dawson who believes that he will one day play for England."

I believe that we are here once and should enjoy ourselves. We should try to do good and help others. We should at the very least do no harm.

I have other beliefs but these are at the core of who I am.

Unlike the Pope. Mr Ratzinger. Mr 'Former Hitler Youth'. Mr 'Coverupper of child abuse on a biblical scale'.

"everything that contributes to weakening the family as something founded on the marriage of a man and a woman, thereby either directly or indirectly reducing the willingness to responsibly accept a new life, hindering the right to have prime responsibility for children's upbringing." In the eyes of the pope, "whosoever, even if unaware of the consequences of their actions, stands in the way of the family renders a peaceful community at risk, nationally or internationally, since they weaken what is, in actual fact, the main 'agency of peace'."

So what this genius is saying is that if you are gay you are directly responsible for War. He may have a point. Who can forget the Hundred Year Homosexual War that ravaged Europe for... a hundred years. Or the 1st World War caused by the killing of Arch Duke Ferdinand who tried to muscle in on two lesbians playing pool. Or there was the English Civil War between Roundheads (Straight) and Cavaliers (obviously gay with their camp ways!). Iraq - Gay. Vietnam - Gay. The Crusades - Gay!

Now I've been told that a lot of people think the Pope has a direct line to a mythical being called God which means that Pope Ratsarse is just passing on God's message which would mean that God is nuts. Another explanation may be that Ratty isn't really speaking to God which would make him nuts. I think the real nuts are those who will believe anything he has to say. Stop it!The emperor is naked!

That's my first entry as I said the Pope made me do it