Saturday, 8 March 2008

God's Ambassador

God has taken a hell of a beating recently - with Richard Dawkins et al raising the debate, Jewish politicians blaming earthquakes on gay sex and the Archbishop of Canterbury's nod to Sharia Law (and of course the booming success of the Liverpool Humanist Group). They've even got rid of blasphemy Goddamn them! Even I was beginning to feel sorry for the 'Omnipotent One'!

And then into the Fray comes a new champion of the Almighty, Tony Blair!

Our Tony is to teach Religion at Yale University. Now if anything is going to drive even more believers into the hands of the gloating godless it must be this. I know hypocrisy is a fundemantal part of all religions but this is a tad too much surely. This is the same Tony Blair who started an illegal war in Iraq with his best buddy Bush. If there was a just world he would now be at the Hague being tried for War Crimes. Over 600,000 people killed and counting puts him up their with Saddam himself.

True he has helped bring back that 'old time religion' to Iraq. Women are now stoned to death in the street for what they wear, if you are gay you are hung and if you aren't in the right religious sect you have a good chance of being ripped apart by one of God's Martyrs.

Of course Tony asked God whether he should devastate Iraq and I suppose God must have said ok - well Tony wouldn't have done it otherwise would he? Now normally God's reward is in heaven but our Tone seems to be getting his reward down here too. Apart from being a peace envoy - stop tittering at the back -he has his £1,000,000. a year job with the bank who has made a fortune out of financially backing the war Chase Bank (They made a fortune out of the 2nd world war too. Bush's Grandad worked for them at the time.) Zurich insurance have given him a £500,000 a year advisory position too.

The cherry on the cake has to be this teacher of religion at Yale. The lord does move in mysterious ways a bit like our Tony.